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Formers Massimo Dutti director and hospitality CCO pairs up to Launch women’s Luxury Travel Brand: AMETTI

AMETTI is the first women owned for women luxury travel brand, officially launching Summer 2019 in the US only.

Founded in Los Angeles, by the former Creative Director for Massimo Dutti, Jessie Minikes and ex-CCO and successful hospitality executive Tessa Horovitz; AMETTI aims to offer luxurious, feminine, sophisticated and practical travel accessories for the professional women to effortlessly integrate into their everyday lives for travel and beyond. The brand, position itself as a Travel lifestyle solution for women and therefore will not only feature a line of luxury travel accessories, from luggage, small leather goods to packing essentials, but will also serve as a travel community for likeminded peers, and become the one-stop shop for all things travel for the modern female executive and entrepreneur. AMETTI TALES, the blog section of the website will be dedicated to highlighting travel experts, city guides with “women-friendly” suggestions, stories of working women balancing work, life and travel, along with more in-depth subjects.

The premiere collection, Bellini is feminine with their signature colorful mosaic pattern, inspired by Italian design. The collection, inspired by Venice (Italy) was named after the iconic aperitivo drink made famous at the Harry’s Bar. As its name, a beverage first to any course, this is an initial taste of AMETTI’s collections. Produced in Italy, each collection will be inspired by the country’s travel hot spots, architecture, and culture.

AMETTI prides itself as a brand which offers products that do not compromise practicality over style. The brand is centered around the executive fashion-forward woman, and plans on traveling to reach working woman around the world.

Pre-launch access to the Bellini collection, and access to AMETTI Tales is available at


If I were a color…
Jessie: I think I would be the color purple. For me it's not only the most elegant.
Tessa: I would be nude, it represents my love for the natural.

If I were an art…
Tessa: I would be a painting, this has always been my favorite medium. There’s a lot of technique involved and sometimes it’s almost scientific. I used to paint a lot when I was younger and by far I felt I could express myself the best with brushes and acrylic.

If I were an artist…
Jessie: I would be William Lachance. It’s the artist that I am obsessed with because his paintings are explanations of my creative side.

If I were a writer
Jessie: Dr Seuss. Hands down the only writer who was able to touch so many undeveloped minds. I could only imagine what it would be like to have that power!
Tessa: Stefan Zweig, his in-depth understanding of the human psychology always transpires in his characters and I love them.

If I were a movie
Tessa: Lost in translation, I would say I am a very big fan of Sophia Coppola; maybe I feel like I see the world quite like her. This movie reminds me of some of my first travels.

If I were a fabric
Jessie: I’d be tweed, it’s a fabric which has had many purposes throughout history and still remains current when using it.
Tessa: Maybe a bounded satin. Ultra-feminine and strong and structured at the same time.

If I were an adjective
Jessie: If I were an adjective I would be " Perfect " it’s the one thing I am not and would love to be.
Tessa: Smart, because I am addicted to smart people but also I would also say empathy because I care a lot for others and I love humans.

If I were a piece of clothing
Jessie: If I were a piece of clothing I would be a bag. (Is that clothing?) I have always said that a bag is the one item that can express itself on its own. Even on the worst day I will always have a great bag.
Tessa: A coat please! First you need a coat for at least every day of the week. Also I love coats because they are the quintessence of fashion to me. No matter how great your look is, if the coat is not right the rest doesn’t work. They are my savior… when I don’t know what to wear, a black jean and a beautiful coat will always do.

If I were a travel
Tessa: I would be a road trip in Argentina… a bit of everything at once… impressive and grandiose nature, sea and mountain, rich culture, wine… lots of wine and great food.

If I were a place
Jessie: Africa, I feel like it's a continent of history, culture, beauty, appreciation, determination and endless amount of life. It would be an honor to be such a place.
Tessa: BIG SUR where the elements all meet! An extended view to the ocean holding you to your dreams.

If I were an Ametti piece
Jessie: I’d be LUCE, I think 6 months ago I would have said LEONE, but now I am 100% sure I would be LUCE. I think LUCE bursts with newness. I am sure this bag is not for everyone, this bag is for someone who knows about bags, for someone who has had bags all their lives and is looking for something new. I think it takes a certain amount of confidence and a certain amount of sophistication to appreciate this bag and understand its existence.
Tessa: From the first second we started Ametti I knew I would be LUCE, the perfect bag with vintage codes and fresh intakes. It’s so hard to find the perfect bag… not too complicated, that works with most of your outfits, that you can take to work or on an evening out… that just fits exactly what you need without compromises.
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The Making of Ametti

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