Dear Ametti Ladies, Please Visit Here to see what we're doing in response to the worldwide COVID crisis.


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Gift the gift of a Mother/Daughter experience!

This digital gift card entitles the person of your choosing to a 4-Event Pass for 2 People so take your Mom with you to our Virtual Events.

About Ametti Virtual Gatherings

AMETTI Virtual Encounters is the Perfect Gift for the woman in your life who wants to learn and have a shared experience. From travel, to wellness, to meditation, and beyond... AMETTI Virtual Encounters are curated events that we put on at least twice a month. We invite leaders to speak, teach, and impart their worthy experience onto you - the Ametti ladies.

After the events wrap, you'll receive a PDF magazine-style guide to recap what you learned, an exclusive discount, and most importantly, new knowledge from a wonderful shared experience with experts and like-minded individuals.


*Our Safety Kit now comes with every purchase.

To support our Customer Community in such times of uncertainty and unerstanding how stressful and impossible it is to get any wipes or hand sanitizer anywhere right now, so we're including this product, normally $35, as our gift to you.

Safety Kit Includes: Ametti Reusable Sealable Pouch, Ametti Antibacterial Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

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