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Your purchase of a Virtual Gathering Pass goes directly to the WOMEN's Global Empowerment Fund.

Since early this year we have been collecting donations for WGE fund. Women Global Empowerment Fund is a charity embracing lots of the values we care so much to embody as a company:

  • Women empowerment everywhere in the world through education and autonomy
  • “We are stronger together”

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund relies on communities of women to make their project successful and voice heard. Communities of Black Women need support to grow and lead the world to be a better place.

We give our proceeds to WGE Fund so they can, through micro lending and education, help Black Women start their ventures in Africa. 


Launched in April 2020, Ametti's virtual events exist to bring women together.

We accompany women in their adversities both from their homes to their work travels. Every week we invite expert women, authorities in their field to come animate with us a moment for you. These events always have immersive experiences. So you don't just come to listen, but you are there to do yourself, ask questions, chat and learn. Falling events you receive a booklet, resuming all that has been said during the event so no need to take notes just enjoy and experience.

After the events wrap, you'll receive a PDF magazine-style guide to recap what you learned, an exclusive discount, and most importantly, new knowledge from a wonderful shared experience with experts and like-minded individuals.

By purchasing this pass you will receive all of our Events RSVP's so you can use your pass on any one of them. This pass has no limit in time and it can be passed on to someone else by writing us a quick note.

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